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VIDEO: Vocal Opposition MP Questions Whether Museveni Feeds On a Buffalo Or a Lion Every Day

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Parliament of Uganda does the passing of budgets and allocation of funds to different government entities and ministries. The budget runs for a full year taking effect from July to July. During this period all the government believes that all the allocations should have been finished.

They’re four ministries which consume almost half of the budget depending on the allocations they get, these include Defense, Security, Finance, Works and Transport and Presidency which runs the affairs of state house and the president’s office.


In this article, we are writing about an opposition legislator who has questioned whether president Museveni feeds on a lion or a buffalo every day depending on the budget allocations directed to take care of the president and his family.

While scrutinizing this financial year’s budget, several MPs raised a red flag for the exorbitant figures presented to take care of the president and his family. Among these was Kira Municipality vocal MP Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda who was reacting to he Shs360m meant for the president’s clothes, the almost Shs1bilion which had been allocated for only water and electricity.

Ssemuju questioned how state house can consume electricity of Sh500m and Water bills of Shs500m as if it’s  factory. He even last year released a detailed dossier of how Museveni spends the money allocated to his residence with over 900 workers. He also wondered how the president spends Shs1m on his clothes per day.

Now another legislator from Butambala Muhammed Muwanga Kivumbi who is sits on the budget committees and is privy with matters regarding allocations has revealed how state house now spends Shs3billion per day to take care of Museveni, his wife who is also a minister and his children and grand children.

Muwanga Kivumbi who heads the Buganda Parliamentary caucus and is the new chairperson designate for the public accounts committee (PAC) replacing Busiro East MP Medard Lubega Ssegona who was moved in the changes announced last year has revealed figures including classified budgets that are passed and channeled to state house in the guise of taking care of president Museveni and his family.

“Under statehouse, we must note i will only take you to two years, last year, it was allocated 618billion for state house, by the end of the year after consuming numerous supplementary, he used 913billion, that’s an average of 3billion per day to run his home, now this year, he as allocated 418billion in the normal budget, but he has consumed 100billion extra he has asked 175billion extra and the 50 for inverted economers for members of parliament, now we are at the half year mark, this is December, the budget is still running up to June next year, that means by end of June, he’s likely to have consumed over a trillion shillings, and we are asking Museveni, does he feed on a buffalo, does he eat a lion, what kind of meal are serving state house?”-MP Kivumbi Questioned.

This is not the first time opposition legislators are question Museveni’s extravagant spending of taxpayer’s money as the country chokes on debts. According to a May 24, 2023 eport, Uganda’s total pubic debt is 80.7 trilion Ugandan Shillings. This includes Shs47.7trillion in external debt and Shs30trillion in Domestic debt. This is exclusive of the supplementary budgets passed in December 2023 where government intends to borrow over Shs4trillion locally.

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