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HORRIBLE: See What Happened To a Lady Who Met Her Pastor In a Guest House

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A lady identified as Stacy from Nairobi county in Kenya revealed how a senior pastor called her for strong prayers in a guest house but he instead raped her, shaved her private parts and went with the hair.

Born and brought up in Meru county in Kenya, Stacy says she met a man who proposed to her when she was in her last year at College. The wedding preparations went on well and the big day came when they tied the knot in the church. One year later she conceived and after a nine month journey, she delivered her first born Child.


According to Stacy, they had started several businesses with the husband who was also a pastor. Years later, she conceived her second born child but her husband who is a pastor started cheating on her with a lady from the church. She says the husband could go and spend days without returning home or providing for them.

After sharing her struggles and the challenges she was going through with her best couple, they advised her to tell the senior pastor about her husband’s cheating behaviors when he failed to change.

It happens that the senior pastor was also their bishop, he called her for prayers in a guest room. She found him reading a bible and sat on the couch but there she didn’t know what happened because se found her self naked on the bed and her private parts were well shaved.

According to Stacy, the senior pastor had not only shaved her private parts but also raped her, when she asked him about what had happened, he told her to keep every thing that happened as a secret and told her that she would die if she ever disclosed whatever happened to anyone. Her marriage ended and she faced rejection from every one.

Stacy says she would buy into the reality after being raped but she continues being confused about where the pastor took her pubic hair which he shaved from her private parts. She’s also worried about what will happen to her.

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