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AHEAD OF 2026: Proof Lira Residents Have Completely Rejected Amongi

Besides LUMBA Chairman Moses Okori, who heads more than 10,000 Boda-Boda riders but who famously defected from Jimmy Akena’s UPC structures to embrace NRM with all his members, Betty Amongi has more reason to be politically sleepless.

The UPC First Lady recently shocked many when she declared she was fleeing Oyam MP Seat which has safely been hers since 2001 in order to go and render jobless Minister Jane Ruth Aceng who is the pioneer Woman MP for Lira City.

Well informed sources say that Amongi might end up bagging billions from President Museveni who is very likely to offer her any money not to antagonise his blue-eyed Mulokole girl Jane Ruth Aceng. Museveni is said to be concerned that anyone would be so vindictive to the extent of going after a harmless Cabinet colleague like Aceng. And will most likely weigh in at a right demanding that Amongi bows out.

At that point in time, Amongi will be justified to say “okay sir but I had invested alot of money in this thing.” And Gen YK Museveni, magnanimous as always, will most likely be prompted to reimburse her the billions that continue to be sunk in “the fail Jane Ruth Aceng” project come 2026.

The latest indication that things aren’t yet going that well for Amongi so far came over the weekend by way of the very transparent opinion poll which Joshua Okwany, a renowned and respected social media activist in Lira, conducted.

Okwany created a link which verifiably was shared on all Lango WhatsApp groups. And using that link, Lira City residents who happen to be social media users voted. Many of these WhatsApp groups have the two Ministers Aceng and Amongi as members besides their adherents who kept mobilising others to take part in the online polling whose outcome would naturally have a lot of PR and propaganda value for both camps.

And by the time polling was closed and the last vote was counted, Aceng had carried the day. She had 357 (55.35%) respondents voting for her against Amongi’s 288 (44.65%). This outcome of a very transparent polling exercise has left members of the Amongi camp deflated on most Lira City WhatsApp groups yet the same has simultaneously re-energized those supporting the incumbent Jane Ruth Aceng through whom a lot of tangible developments have come to Lira and the larger Lango sub region in the less than 3 years she has been area MP.

Amongi’s supporters had previously made it clear that the only way their fat babe will stop fighting Dr. Aceng in Lira City is if directed to do so by either the Pope or President YK Museveni himself. Time will tell.

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