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Residents Go Thirsty As Multibillion  Government Water System Fails To Work

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By Joseph Omoding
SERERE: Residents of Kateta  Sub County in Serere district, Teso sub region have threatened to dismantle an empty tank erected by the ministry of water under Eastern Water Umbrella in the area.
Residents who are crying foul over lack of access to  clean water in their area told this publication that ever since the ministry of water installed the system with its  tank  located in Agola village in Kateta sub county five years ago they have never seen a drop of water.
Mr.Catherbt Okurut the village chairperson of Kateta Moru said they were told the system was build at the cost of  Shs2billion and it was supposed to supply water to the villages and trading centers such as Kateta Agururu trading center, corner Iyaledi trading center, Agola trading centre, Abokony trading centre and some schools near by but the system has failed.
According to Mr.Okurut, early this year a team from the ministry of water Mbale office went to the ground and cooled down the angry residents promising that the tank was supposed to be relocated to on top of the hillside so that it can supply water to every where.
“They themselves acknowledged that they had put the water tank in a wrong place where it was hard for water to enter and they said this financial year, the tank will be relocated but nothing has been done yet the financial year has ended”-he said.
Mr.Amos Ocola the Kateta sub county chairperson said the community in Kateta has kept on drinking dirty water yet government had spent a lot of money on the system which has failed to work.
“What I know I think the team from the ministry sent todo work on the system were gambling,” he said.
He said they have tried to make calls to the ministry of water Mbale office but their efforts has failed. Patrick Opolot another resident said there was no need for them to continue looking at the empty tank when  locals are thirsty.
“Its now three years, we are sharing water with animals and its really so challenging to us the community of Kateta who have been overwhelming voting for the NRM and President Museveni,”he said.
Grace Agoe a mother of six a resident of Agola village said they are thinking of dismantling the tank which is in their center saying its useless.
“We are suffering because of water and none of these fellows have come to us to tell us the probelm,”he said.
By the time of filing this story, residents were still sharing water with animal’s. Meanwhile the same challenge is also being faced by the residents living in Serere town council where National Water and Sewerage cooperation are in-charge of managing water supply in the town. This publication witnesses where all the taps had no water in the entire town for two weeks.
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