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Who Is Eating The Revenue Being Collected In Soroti City?

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Soroti city is grappling with heap of uncollected garbage making the town that gained city status to be the most dirtiest despite many revenue collection centres.
Ultimate news carried out investigations and found out that  revenue base of Soroti city is estimated between 12 to 18 billion however what the city declared in the financial year 2022, 2023  has raised concerns from the public on who could be chewing the money being collected.
According to the documents obtained by this website, it shows that  Soroti when it was still a municipality used to collect between Shs4 to 5 billion in a year with only 12 wards, but what’s challenging the minds of the Well wishers of Soroti city is that even when the city wards have increased to 25,the city still declares little revenue collection
John  Omoding a resident of Orwadai village  in Soroti city says since Soroti gained city status two years back, they are many  new revenue sources that have cropped up in the city among them, petrol stations, new buildings housing businesses, new markets and a new modern market facility that is estimated to collect up to 50million monthly, new hotels (Strikers hotels, Townview Hotel, Hersey resorts and many others), Soroti city but the city still declares less revenue collected.
“Imagine this financial  year, 2022/2023 with all these new sources of revenue, the city has since  declared to have collected less than 2 billion in the year 2022/2023, with a possible collection 11billion,”who is eating the rest of the money collected?”-he asked.
Moses Okiror  one of the anti corruption members in the city said the under declaration of these revenue has caused a serious standstill of garbage management in the city.
“The city is now littered with garbage and our leaders are very quiet”-he said.
Betty Akello another resident from pioneer ward appealed for thorough investigations to ascertain why the city has continued  collecting low revenue even when the city has gotten many business that would have increased in its revenue collection.
Mr.Christopher Daniel Kawesi the city town clerk when contacted promised to get back since he was locked up in a meeting but he could not honor his promise.
But the source at the city council who requested to speak on condition of anonymity fearing to be reprimanded told this publication that it’s also challenging some of the staffs on how most of the revenue collected is being utilized.
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