How Ugandan Musician Won Over Shs500 Million From Sport Betting


One of Uganda’s top musicians has shocked the nation after winning over 500 million shillings from fixed games. The singer, who name has been concealed for national security reasons praised Uganda Bettors Association for their continued efforts towards trying to eradicate poverty from all the struggling bettors in Africa

He further reveals that he won this money because he was trying to do a test on the association that has been trending all over media with their accurate fixed games.

“I saw their stories on the internet an decided to do my own investigations to ascertain if these guys are genuine or not. After paying 1 million on their website. I got an email with details of what am supposed to do then a few hours later they sent me the ticket booking code, it had two games and odds were totaling 698. I wasn’t in Uganda; I used some money as a risk but it turned out positive”-he narrated.

“When I came to Uganda, I requested to meet with one of the guys of the association, at first they hesitated but I assured him of his security since selling of fixed games is illegal and that’s why they never reveal their identities. I showed him th evidence of my tickets and my transaction on the site, and that’s when he accepted. We had a long chat on how to partner and try to improve the lives of all bettors,”-he continued

Uganda Bettors Association is a registered company in Uganda under the company name, POKERS BETTERS ASSOCIATION UGANDA LIMITED, since 2019. Whoever has an interest in getting their services should go to their website here Uganda Bettors Association

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