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Zombo LC1 Chairpersons Roar Over Expired Term Of Office

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By Hillary Alithum
ZOMBO: A sizable number of LC1 Chairpersons who hail from the 45 villages constituting Paidha Town council have consensually vowed to continue executing their mandate amidst the mudslinging from the general Public to have the LC1 Chairpersons vacate offices that they ascended by the 10th , July 2018 after their 5 years term of office come to an end by July 2023.

The LC 1 Chairpersons are boldly waiting for notifications from the Ministry of local government and Electoral Commission , dockets that vested power in them to direct on vacation of office and the road map for elections .

During a press brief with the leadership of the association of LC 1 Chairpersons of Paidha town council .

MR.Emilio Owonda , Chairperson of the Association acknowledge the expiration of terms of office and exonerated the LC1 Chairpersons to continue executing their mandate in the various units ,”we can not leave leadership vacuum in the villages ,it’s totally bad we are waiting as we have been elected officially we shall also leave officially” said Emilio.

Upon Expiry of terms of office, appointing bodies or supervisors are mandated to repossess official tools issued to the office bearers.

Mr.Collins Otingcwinyu , LC 1 Chairperson of Jupandika East village pronounced retention of the stamps till the time of handover to the new Chairpersons ,”we have no where to return the stamps because they belong to us and we can not give it to someone to keep simply because our terms of office have expired even if the LC3 or LC5″ Collin said during the press brief .

The LC 1 Chairperson of Abongo in Paidha town council said ,” people who are rumour mongering my vacation because of expiration of terms of office are the very ones who come to me to issue for them introduction letters “.

The financial conundrum surrounding the rejection of the about 56 billion budget proposal to facilitate the elections of the more than 81,000 LC 1 Chairpersons across the country is a blessing in disguise for the already challenged Chairpersons in the different villages and cells.

Mr. Onencan Patrick , Chairperson LC1 of Paidha Primary Teachers college pleaded with the general Public to acknowledge the services rendered by the LC1 Chairpersons, “The fact that terms of office have expired doesn’t mean the villages have also expired ,we are still existing and issues arising from the villages that need us to solve them ” Patrick said in a press brief .

The 11th Parliament of Uganda recently trashed the over 56 billion shillings budget proposal for conducting elections of LC 1 Chairpersons across the country , classifying it as exorbitant and subsequently driving Parliament into a recess because the money was not in the budget of the country, this calls for a supplementary , contingency or virement options.


The move to have office bearers whose terms of office have expired sets a negative precedence and trajectory that can aid selfish ambitious political interest and keeping the electorates at abyss by capitalizing on financial incapacitation.

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