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Hunger Drives Karimojong Farmers To Sell Off Farm Tools As Scraps

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MOROTO: The current  hunger situation in Karamoja region has reached to the worst situation now forcing farmers to sell off the  oxen ploughs, panga, rakes and hand hoes which were recently distributed to them by government.

Last year, the office of the prime minister distributed hand hoes and oxen ploughs, rakes, pangas and many other farm tools to families in the region to boost agriculture, however many farmers are selling off the inputs as scraps as to raise money for buying food.

Over the weekend, this website  come across some farmers in Moroto district selling off oxen ploughs, wheelbarrows, spades and racks as scraps at Shs15,000 for oxen plough depending on its weight yet at the market these oxen ploughs  are sold at Shs170,000 to 200,000.

Kelementina Nangiro one of the farmers who was selling his in Moroto municipality says  that it was useless for her to keep the farm tools at her home when there’s no rain and her kids are sleeping hungry.

“I was given these tools  but I don’t have bulls for ploughing all the animals I had have been raided so how can I keep the hoes in my house when am hungry”-says Kelementina

Marry Ilukol  another farmer in Rupa sub county in Moroto district  says she also sold three hand hoes given to her three month ago by operation wealth creation.

“With this insecurity and sunshine which wealth can we create to be honest, people are not able to go to their gardens because of insecurity”-she told us.


This situation is happening in the whole region where farmers are selling off farm tools to buy food.

Paul Lokol Meri the district chairperson Nabilatuk district says the situation is worse and appealed government to rescue the region with relief food distribution.

Lokol said  many families now hardly afford  a meal.

“Our offices are always full of people coming crying for hunger yet we can’t do much to support them”-he told this website.

This not the first time hunger is hitting Karamoja region, every year the region always faces hunger due to erratic  rain fall.

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