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UPDATE: How Allergies Stopped Museveni From Wearing Masks

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President Museveni is currently under self- isolation at Nakasero state lodge as doctors monitor his health situation after testing positive for Covid-19 yesterday. This is the first time its made public that the president is positive for the deadly disease since it made it’s way to Uganda in March 2020.

For the better part of the last three years, president Museveni has been putting that huge white mask while having engagements both in cabinet, public functions, foreign visits among others so as not to contract the deadly virus.


Despite getting Covid-19 vaccines and boaster doses, the president continued to put on masks and even tasking whoever is getting nearer him for any engagements be it visitors to state house, MPs and ministers to frequently test for Covid-19. Even those who went recently to Kyankwanzi for the NRM caucus retreat were subjected to Covid-19 tests.

While in Kyankwanzi the president was seen on several occasions with out a mask and even when he was back to Kampala, he continued holding engagements with people without that white mask of his, something that kept every one with questions on why the president has thrown away his white mask.

President Museveni In The middle While Meeting a section of MPs From DR Congo

The president has revealed why he gave up on wearing the mask as it brought him issues to his health including at some point when he lost his voice twice during the 2021 electioneering.

“As everybody knows, I have been very cautious with Corona. However, recently, I had to give up masks because they have been causing me allergic reactions in the eyes and also in the throat. Do you remember when I lost my voice twice during the elections? That is part of the allergy”-tweeted Museveni

Prior to the NRM caucus retreat at Kyankwanzi, a section of Museveni’s key ministers had tested positive for Covid-19 and this was revealed by speaker of parliament Anita Among who informed legislator that their queries that needed answers from some ministers would wait as the ministers receive treatment.

President Museveni With Mama Miria Nyerere At State House Nakasero

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