Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Law Tests America’s Claim Of Democratic Governance

Dr. Kitalikibi Abrahams

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Dear Editor,
From the inception of this bill majority of the Ugandans have been in serious support of it. When it was returned to parliament by the president for some corrections, many Ugandans, religious leaders, members of Parliament and other outstanding figures in the country were not happy.

They wanted a law against homosexuality in place within the shortest time possible. This is an indication that this anti-homosexuality legislation attracted the attention and interest of majority of Ugandans.

To prove it’s popularity and overwhelming support by Ugandans, when it was tabled in parliament the first time for voting, it attracted majority of the parliamentarians from across the political parties. Even during the second time of it’s voting after making corrections as advised by the president, the biggest percentage of the MPs were in support and therefore it went through.

Throughout all the stages of the process of having a law against homosexuality, the U.S and many other western rich countries have been warning against such a law and these countries have been threatening to put sanctions on Uganda and also withdraw their aid to Uganda.

They further claim the law is discriminatory and against human rights. These are the same countries that have been giving us headache about democracy and democratic governance. They claim to be democratic, they claim to respect rule of law and democracy and go ahead to sponsor other countries to ensure democracy is the way to go.

Now on the issue of the ant- homosexuality law, this law is a product of the democracy which they have been preaching to us. It’s the people’s representatives ( in this case the parliamentarians) who consulted their voters and their voters directed them to enact such a law.

Therefore we expected USA and other countries which claim to be democratic to be happy that the democracy they like has decided to produce such a law. USA and other countries that are upset by this anti-homosexuality law are hypocrites, they want democracy to be applied selectively.

When it comes to political leadership, they support free and fair elections but when it comes to certain laws like this very one, they want to practice indirect dictatorship by using threats of withdrawing their financial support so that we can bow to their decision!!!

Therefore, this anti-homosexuality law of Uganda has tested the democratic claims of these western countries and they have failed the test. I can suspect that they emphasize democracy where they have a hidden agenda for their benefits and where democracy won’t enable them achieve their selfish motives they want  to dictate indirectly or use other unfair means.

Ugandans and our leaders should ignore these hypocrites and we move on to manage the affairs of our own country. We should fight hard to defeat neo-colonialism. Above all we should put all our trust in God for solutions to all our problems. Otherwise western countries may lead us to perishing.

Written By Dr. Kitalikibi Abrahams, the president of an organization called Kadosh Christian Ministries, which operates here in Uganda.

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