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SHE WILL WEEP: Lawyers Vow To Drag Mukono RDC To Court Over Shs2bn Mpooma Land Deal

Mpooma Hill is one of the prime locations in Mukono. In the Mpooma neighborhood, a well-secured acre of land (owned under freehold tenure) currently goes for up to Shs200m. It’s in this same location that two medical doctors namely Juventine Emuku and Elizabeth Emuku are supposed to own up to 9 acres of land.

RDC Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka

It has been theirs since May 2008 when Jamaawa Nantuume, a controversial land dealer or broker in the Mukono area, sold it to them. Each acre cost Shs6m which was some significant money at that time. Years later (after concluding everything in 2012), Jamaawa subsequently made a U-turn denying ever selling the land to them.

The land is registered as Block 95 Plot 24 Mpooma in Mukono Kyaggwe’s Nama Subcounty. The transaction between Jamaawa and the two medical doctors was facilitated by lawyers of Mungoma, Mabonga, Wakhakha & Co Advocates.

When Jamaawa made the U-turn and a gang of Kanyamas started to move in to violently occupy the land on her behalf, several GoU offices were petitioned including that of the Mukono RDC whose current occupant is Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka who recently was directed by the Lands Ministry to ensure the Emukus get to enjoy peaceful and quiet possession of what is supposed to be their land.

The State Minister for Lands Dr. Sam Mayanja had in writing directed the RDC to organise for him a locus meeting on 8th June to enable him hear out both sides and arrive at some way forward.

On receiving Mayanja’s letter, Ndisaba (who is supposed to be open-minded and to facilitate amicable and inclusive resolution of such land conflicts) instantly prepared a two page dossier dated 24th May 2023.

In the dossier, Ndisaba (who is yet to have any engagement with the Emukus to verify the adverse information in their possession) makes it clear that the land validly remains Jamaawa’s and curiously gives her reasons.

Ndisaba, whose conclusion the Emuku’s lawyers have vowed to challenge by petitioning her supervisor the Minister for Presidency, claims that Jamaawa (in whom she doesn’t find any fault) rightly rescinded her decision to sell the land when the Emukus allegedly failed or refused to pay up the full amount. That the transaction was incomplete implying that the Emukus (whose side of the story the RDC hasn’t bothered to get as yet) have no lawful claim on the Mpooma land.

Ndisaba, whose source of information remains undisclosed, adds that there was fraud involving the area LC1 chairman (whose name she doesn’t disclose). That the LC1 chairman conspired with others to pronounce Jamaawa dead where after the transfer of the land was effected in favor of the Emukus who recently petitioned State House and Minister Mayanja seeking remedy.

They also reported to the Mukono Police Station seeking help to constrain the Kanyamas who were destroying their farm property but Police bosses were unable to help fearing to anger or annoy Jamaawa’s powerful backers some of whom are high-ranking officers in the security apparatus of Uganda.

The RDC, who heads security in the district, also makes reference to several Police criminal inquiry files which she says were opened up to inquire into the alleged fraud involving the unnamed LC1 Chairperson. She also makes reference to numerous High Court decisions, many of which were concluded in favor of the Emukus and against controversial land dealer or broker Jamaawa.

The RDC also makes reference to forensic investigations Police is supposed to have undertaken to inquire into the alleged fraud and falsification of documents relating to the eventual transfer of the land from Jamaawa.

In the end, Ndisaba proposes that the Lands Ministry carries out more comprehensive investigations before Mr. Kiggwa Leero aka Dr. Sam Mayanja drives to the locus on 8th June to proclaim anything against the much-favored and feared Jamaawa Nantuume.

The RDC’s latest position has left many stakeholders intrigued with lawyers wondering why Hajjat Fatuma Ndisaba Nabitaka hasn’t found it necessary to engage their clients (the Emukus) for their position to be appreciated better too.

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