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OWEYEGHA-AFUNADUULA: The Uganda Debt Burden And The Lie Of Development

By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

Supersonic rise in the debt burden of Uganda!! But Why? What is on the ground to show that we needed and still need so-called foreign aid? One thing is true. Foreign Aid is robbery by the rich from the poor.

I have learnt that the Uganda government will now borrow more domestically than externally. The losers are still the poor and needy whose pathetic situation continues to grow worse but is used as the reason to borrow perpetually and yet the borrowed money is not invested to produce more money accompanied by better services to the people.

It is siphoned into consumptive activities instead. Uganda has become a case study of a country that borrows to sustain itself in that status of borrower that never benefits as a country in real development terms.

The beneficiaries are those who decide to borrow, the amounts to be borrowed and the commissions to be given in their favour. This is not unique to Uganda only. All countries hooked to the foreign aid trap suffer the same way.

It is to what extent the borrowed funds are used to benefit the greatest number of citizens that matters. In Uganda a lot of borrowed money is being siphoned into short-term schemes that benefit a few often tied to the ruling party.

The beneficiaries are make-shift groups, not well established communities. For example, I belong to a well-knit community of closely related people in Nawaka Parish, where there have been talk of Parish Development Model Funds for a long time.

But my people and myself just end up hearing about the funds. Yet we have people who if targeted by those funds would step up their efforts in Agroecological farming, forestry, animal husbandry etc and contribute to the collective productive capacity of the country.

Development in Uganda may end up being the Gigantic Lie of the Century, just a cushion for robbery of the people of Uganda of their future and a total denial of prosperity to the future generations for the benefit of a few people living today who have access to power and borrowed money. Those are the people for whom the National Budget will continue to be manipulated upwards.

For God and My Country

“Uganda – national debt 2017-2027 | Statista”

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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