How Schools Are Milking Parents With Unregulated School Fees Hikes

Schools Heading For Holidays- COURTSEY PHOTO

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A letter alleged to be from a renowned school is making rounds on social media reminding guardians and parents of the burden unregulated capitalism has created in Uganda turning schools into a booming and lucrative business.

In the said letter, a parent of student admitted to Trinity college Nabbingo in senior one is told to pay school fees of UGX2,800,000 or else they lose their vacancy secured at this prestigious school.


“You will access the full set of admission materials after paying school fees of Shs2,800,000( Two Million eight hundred thousand shillings only)”- reads part of the letter.

The Alleged Letter Making Rounds On Social Media

Recently the Ministry of Education and Sports made mention of taking a step to regulate fees in school in the country. Parents eagerly await the moment given the economic situation vis-a-vis the overwhelming school fees demands schools set.

It’s the 21st century and Uganda still suffers high illiteracy levels and school drop out cases. The obscene school fees demands from school unfortunately affect the increase in literacy levels and reduction of School dropouts in the country

We are also reliably informed that at Uganda martyrs secondary school senor one 2023 entrants are required to pay application fees UGX30000, commitment fees UGX900000, school fees and requirements UGX4,055000. The commitment fee is a stand alone and paid on a different account bringing the total to UGX4,980,000.

These and more other schools are enjoying dimes given the unregulated schools fees policy under the ministry of education headed by first lady Janet Museveni. As on now, some secondary schools are paying more fees than tuition at most of Uganda’s top universities.

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