HARD TALK: Museveni Supporter Slams NRM Mobilizers For Being Broke And Fighting Each Other, Envies NUP


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A top Museveni supporter who goes by the names Buyinza Adam Luzinda has come out with guns brazing and blasting his fellow yellow bus passengers in Museveni’s National Resistance Movement (NRM) over what he called disunity.

According to Buyinza he says as members of National Unity Platform stand for each especially during introductions and weddings, NRM mobilizers are busy fighting each other as the NUP counterparts get successful every other day.

Buyinza further accuses his fellow NRM mobilizers of being broke looking for transport refund all the time and blackmailing each other and those who are married are separating with their spouses as their NUP counterparts legalize their marriages.


His words come at the heels of an all opposition affair at Bobi Wine’s Busabala One Love beach that hosted NUP’s deputy spokesperson Waiswa Alex Mufumbiro who wedded his long time lover in a lavish wedding last Friday.

National Unity platform has seen many of their own getting married and standing in for each for each other to throw big marriage deals with Chairman Nyanzi, Moses Bigirwa, Joel Ssenyonyi, Bamu Lulenzi, Francis Zaake, Alex Waiswa Mufumbiro among others.

What do you say about Buyinza’s claims that NRM mobilizers spend much of their time pulling each other down, let’s know what you thing by dropping your comment here.

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