Busoga’s Abaise Tooli Install Clan Head (Mugunganya) In Colorful Ceremony

Commissioner of Police, Moses Binoga The New Isabatooli

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Members of the Abaise Tooli clan in Busoga have installed Commissioner of Police, Moses Binoga as their clan head (Isabatoli).

The installation ceremony was held at Isalo Primary school in Gadumire sub county in Kaliro district and was graced by Owek. Mafumo Richard the Minister of Culture in Busoga Kingdom and also Isabakunganya (Chairman) clan heads council in Busoga.

Owek. Mafumo was accompanied by the Prime Minister of Luuka Chiefdom Lwiigo Igulu who is also the spokesperson of the clan heads council in Busoga.

Minister Mafumo With The Microphone Speaking During The Installation Of The Isabatooli

Speaking at the installation ceremony, Owek. Mafumo advised the Abaise Tooli clan members through their Isabatoli to promote unity in their clan, Busoga sub region and Country at large.

“Clans have no boundaries that is why the Abaise Tooli have organized their function in Bulamogi chiefdom yet many of them hail from Bugabula chiefdom, Luuka Chiefdom and others from Bugwere Kingdom so I urged you to promote unity,” Mafumo said.

Mafumo said that clans give people their identity and are the custodians of culture in various Kingdoms.

The Kaliro district L.C 5 chairperson, Elijah Kagoda, commended ObwaKyabazinga Bwa Busoga for distributing hoes to farmers in Bulamogi. He revealed that his council constructed three classrooms at Isalo Primary School adding that it has plans of constructing teacher’s quarters at the same school.

Dr. David Kazungu, an elder in the Abaise Tooli clan revealed that he supported the construction of a classroom block at Isalo Primary School and requested that the school’s name be changed to Tooli Primary School since it was started by Abaise Tooli.

Isabatoli Moses Binoga, urged parents to educate their children so that they may have bright futures. He urged them to promote togetherness among themselves in order to develop their clan.

Meddie Mbentyo, the Katuukiro of the Abaise Tooli clan presented his executive committee to Isabatoli, which will be responsible for the effective service delivery and development of the clan.

Mbentyo called upon all clans to embark on mobilizing themselves and regain the sanctity of culture.

Among the activities conducted during the ceremony was planting of various types of fruit trees at Isalo Primary School.

The function was also graced by many notables who among them was Owek. Muguude the Busoga clan heads mobiliser, the Premier of Abaise Muwaya clan who represented the clan mukungania Commissioner of prisons Kakungulu Moses, Owek. Haji Magid Musulo the mukungania of Abaise Kisendo clan and Commissioner Apollo Kazungu.

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