OWEYEGHA-AFUNADUULA: Mysterious Deaths In Uganda Part II


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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

When Ultimate News published an article by me under this title, some people dismissed it as unsubstantiated because it limited itself to only children of Uganda Politicians. For fear of being called all sorts of names, let me expand the scope of the article by that title by including a list of assassinations of prominent people and another of massacres that have not fully been explained. This generation has a debt to future generations to assure them that we valued both life and justice and tried to explain every death that occurred at the national and local levels.

Below are partial lists of assassinations and massacres in Uganda since independence that still beg credible explanations of why they occurred, how they occurred and what they implied about the sociopolitical tranquility of Uganda in the past, present and future. Uganda spends a large chunk of its National Budget on security. However, despite this insecurity problems persist, permeate and proliferated in society. With the passage of time, there is no evidence that the security of Ugandans will be secured, especially against our armed forces and intelligence institutions. Ultimately it might be God’s security that will work when our own security instruments fail.

List of Some Prominent People Assassinated Since Independence (Extracted from page 365 of the Book “Political and Leadership History of Uganda: From British Colonial Era to Movement Era” Edited by Dr. Shannon Tito and to be published early next year (2023) in Toronto Canada).

Victim                                                          Date of Assassination

Brigadier Pierino Okoya                                January 23 1970

Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka               September 21 1972

Archbishop Jonan Luwum                            February 17 1977

Major General Oyite Ojok                           December 1 1983

Dr Andrew Lutakome Kayira                             March 6 1987

Prof. Dan Mudoola                                     February 22 1993

Dr. Francis Kidubuka                                   February 22 1993

Lt Michael Shalita of ISO                               October 15 1996

Major General James Kazini                      November 10 2009

Brigadier Noble Mayombo                                   May 1 2007

Sheikh Abubaker Kiwewa                                   June 22 2012

Cerina Nebanda MP                                   December 14 2012

Sheikh Dr. Abdul Kadiri Muwaya                December 26 2014

Sheikh Mustapha Bahiga                             December 28 2014

Joan Kagezi                                                     March 30 2015

Sheikh Abdirashid Wafula                                    May 21 2015

Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya                                   July 1 2015

Major Muhammad Kiggundu                     November 26 2016

Andrew Felix Kaweesi                                      March 17 2017

Abrahim Abiriga                                                  June 8 2018

Muhammad Kirumira                                  September 8 2018

Sheikh Abdul Karim Sentamu                              April 20 2021

List of some Infamous Massacres in Uganda (Extracted from page 366 of the Book “Political and Leadership History of Uganda: From British Colonial Era to Movement Era” Edited by Dr. Shannon Tito and to be published early next year in Toronto Canada).                          

Massacre                                   Number Killed                                 Date

Luwero Triangle                             500,000                                  1981-1986

Mukura Train Wagon                            100                                July 11 1988

Kampala Naguru Wedding Massacre        26                              June 26 1994

Atiak (Northern Uganda)                       300                             April 20 1995

Kanungu                                               700                           March 17 2000

Northern Uganda                                  400                        1987- April 2006

Kampala                                                 40                          September 2009

Kasese Massacres (By Army)                   100                     November 26 2016

Wakiso                                                    20            April-September 29 2017

Kayunga Shrine                                        5                                         2017

Luuka    (By Army)                                   54                   November 18 2020

Kampala                                                    3                   November 18 2020

Masaka                                                     13             July 22-August 23 2021

For God and My Country

The Writer Is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist

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