OPINION: Poor Man’s Energy Source Is Solar Energy, Not Hydropower


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By Oweyegha-Afunaduula

I have been on Earth for 73 years and the only prison I know was the womb of my mother in 1949. My views are always very close to what God wishes me to say. They never include belittling leaders. I only tell them alternative thought.

I think I can thank the NRM regime for allowing me to express my views for over 30 years consistently, persistently and enduringly. And I thank God for giving me a long life. What I say s not destructive but constructive.

One time I told World Bank and Government of Uganda that they should spare Bujagali Falls and develop solar power – the poor man’s energy. Together they chorused that if I wanted solar power I should contact others but not them.

That was almost 23 years ago. Today when they talk about solar power it is as if they never opposed my view. With passage of time they are on the same side with me. Time the best judge has proved me right. The poor man’s energy is not hydropower but solar power.

For God and My Country.

The Writer is a Ugandan Scientist And Environmentalist.

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