Uganda police while addressing their weekly media briefing that takes place every monday at Nagulu headquarters have summoned late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’s Father Mzee Nathan L’okori alongside fire brand politician and National Unity Boss Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and Kilak South MP Gilbert Oulanyah and former Minister Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi over claims that the late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah was poisoned.

After receiving news that his son had died in the US where he had been airlifted, Mzee Nathan downplayed any claims that his son died a natural death but said his son informed him that he had been poisoned though government through Minister Chris Baryomunsi denied the allegations.

However even before the body was repatriated, President Museveni ordered police to arrest whoever claimed Jacob Oulanyah was poisoned and this was meant to reduce the speed at which the poison claims were spreading like wild fire. In the postmortem report read to parliament by Health Minister Jane Ruth Acheng indicated that the late Speaker succumbed to cancer and by the time he was airlifted, all his organs had stopped functioning.

Even during the burial of his son on Friday last week, Mzee Nathan L’okori who had been stripped off the program of those going to speak was brought by DP president Norbert Mao to say something, however he shockingly insisted his son died of Poison (See Story Here)  something that even NRM’s CEC vice chairperson Godfrey Kiwanda has confirmed saying the late Speaker told him of having been poisoned immediately after becoming speaker.

Now police which is acting on orders of president Museveni has summoned NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, Kilak South MP Gilbert Oulanyah and Mzee Nathan L’okori to come with evidence to confirm their claims that the late speaker died of poison contrary to government’s postmortem report that he succumbed to cancer.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, Bobi Wine, Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi, Gilbert Oulanyah and Jacob Oulanyah’s father should come with evidence to prove their claims or else they face jail as President Museveni ordered.

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