He said it upon hearing his son was confirmed dead and he has said it today during his last send off downplaying government’s claims that he died of cancer.

Jacob Oulanyah’s Father has insisted his son was poisoned and briefed him before he was airlifted to the US for specialized medication.

When he first revealed the poison claims to the country, Oulanyah’s Father has never spoken to the media again but he has repeated it again despite president Museveni’s threats that whoever says Oulanyah didn’t die a natural death should be arrested by police.

Oulanyah’s Father Mzee Nathan Lokori has stood to his claims concerning the death of his son. This leaves government’s postmortem report read by Minister Jane Ruth Acheng with doubts.

This leaves more questions on why his father is insisting on a different line as government too is insisting on a different one with threats of arrests.

“I am not mourning in vain. I want to state clearly that Jacob Oulanyah was poisoned. He told me. The doctors tried to deal with the poison. It affected his health so badly that he could not recover” – Nathan L’okori, Oulanyah’s father


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