VIDEO: “Oulanyah Never Cared For His Children”- Mother-In-Law Painfully Narrates

Hon Okot Santa Addressing The Media

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Hon Okot Santa Addressing The Media

As the country mourns the demise of Hon Jacob Oulanyah whom every one has been describing as a man who was good at keeping time, with a grasp on the laws of the land and in parliament and one who welcomed every one regardless of their political affiliations.

This has been evident from the heart warming condolence messages flowing in from across the country and the world over where the late Speaker Oulanyah left a foot print.

However, when some one dies, in our culture in Africa we only talk about the good things that person has done and leave the bad side for God to judge because speaking accusing a dead person who is not able to defend himself is not actually something good.

In a video making rounds on social media, a visibly disappointed woman addressing the media in the names of Okot Santa the MP for Aruu North Constituency in Pader District is seen making shocking revelations about the dead Speaker whom she says he’s been a dead beat dad who never cared about his children.

“You may ask me about a question because am a mother in law to Jacob Oulanyah, in our tradition even if there’s divorce, once you have children in that family or clan, you remain a mother or a fahter. Oulanyah got married to my daughter in 2013 two years later they divorced. It was the later Jacob Oulanyah who took the issue to court, he told us that he was incompatible with my daughter”- says Hon Okot Santa

Hon Akot who is also a born of Omollo district is the mother to Winnie Okot whom the speaker Jacob Oulanyah wedded in 2013, the two have two children together and in 2016 he dragged her to court seeking to end their marriage for sexually starving him when she decided to live over seas. The marriage was annulled in January 2021 and in June the same year, she got married to a Zungu man.

According to Hon Okot the family decided to give Oulanyah a green light to divorce their daughter since he took the case to court himself, court ruled that he should continue giving assistance to his two daughters whom he sired with Winnie.

Winnie Akot With Her New Zungu Husband During Their Wedding In June 2021
Late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah With Winnie Okot During Their Wedding in 2013

I want to inform you the press, i know when some body has died, people speak only the good part, they don’t want to speak the bad part, he did not assist those two children, they’re with my daughter in the US and we are the one’s caring for the two girls without any complaint, we didn’t ask that time for any of the sharing of the property, i told my daughter not to and leave everything as it is”- Hon Santa further narrates.

She further reveals that when the two separated, the late speaker even denied his Ex-wife from picking her clothes from their house and it’s the family that bought her the clothes and those she left at Oulanya’s house remained there till date.

“All the clothes of my daughter remained in Oulanyah’s house because the last day before my daughter left for the US, i told her to go for her clothes . When she reached the gate, the gate man told her that he had instructions that she doesn’t pick anything. So she left everything in the house, she came back and we bought her some two clothes, she picked the children and left for the US where she is up to now.”- Says Oulanyah’s Mother- in- law.

“The Aruu South legislator however says that her daughter is aware of Oulanyah’s death, as you know she’s a young girl, she got another man who she wedded after fully getting divorced from Hon Jacob Oulanyah in June last year but the children will remain the children of Oulanyah and we request she sends the children even if she’s not coming, i will go and pick them so that they see that indeed their father has died”-narrate Hon Okot Santa


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