TOP STORY: Norbert Mao Undresses Bobi Wine’s ‘Kiwani’ Political Party, Says It’s a Museveni Project

Norbert Mao And Bobi Wine

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Norbert Mao And Bobi Wine

As the war of words ravages on between Norbert Mao the president of Democratic Party and Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform, more information has been unleashed by the tough talking former Gulu chairman in a bid to discipline Bobi Wine and his party.

According to Mao, NUP and NRM were the same until they admitted in masqueraders of the struggle from people power whom he has always accused of preaching water while taking wine.

“In Uganda’s political banquet hall, NUP and NRM are at the high table. The mock fight is orchestrated by the Shadow State that had to prop up a scare crow to distract Ugandans from the real struggle. Soon the masqueraders will come face to face with the people hungry for change”-tweets Mao

Mao continues his verbal artillery by revealing how the project of NUP was conceived and delivered to EC. He further states that the original constitution of National Unity Platform was substituted with a pigeon hole one while registering updating details of the party at the electoral commission.

He goes ahead to unleash the certificate of registration and how Bobi Wine who he has referred to as a celebrity mobilized political simpletons (Top Leadership of NUP) to be participated in the project to create a scarecrow for deal making. The 2020 deal was for show.

However, in all this Bobi Wine and National Unity platform are currently quiet and haven’t yet replied to Norbert Mao who has vowed to teach them a lesson and bring the party down something that they will regret engaging the DP president in a social media war.




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