Makerere University History Don Professor Mwambutsya Ndebesa has openly said nothing big has changed in Uganda since Museveni’s NRM took power 36 years ago bringing an end to the short-lived regime of President Tito Okello Lutwa.

His comments came at a time when Museveni’s government was at Kololo Independence grounds celebrating 36 years when they’re in charge of this country.

Museveni and his then National Resistance Army (NRA) launched a guerilla war against Obote’s government after the highly contested 1981 elections where Museveni poorly performed, he got disgruntled and would later hit the ground to launch an offensive which lasted almost 5 years in the Jungles of Luwero and over 500,000 people died during the war.

However, as NRM is cherishing the achievements made over the years, Professor Mwambutsya seem not seeing any change since 1986 to date. For example, he says 36 years ago Uganda was a low developed Country and it’s still a low developed country.

Mwambutsya says, all the same that is happening now was there when Museveni and his henchmen captured power, political prisoners, poor access to health services, rampant corruption, militarism, no separation of powers between the executive and judiciary, domination of Uganda’s economy by foreigners among other things are even worse than how Museveni found them.

Prof Mwambutsya’s Message