Eye witness
Eye Witness Speaking to BBS Tv

As the country is yet to come to terms that a terror attack happened in Kampala last evening at Digida pork joint in Kawempe leaving at least two dead and several injured, an eye witness has recounted the events.

President Museveni has since issued a statement through his social media handles and has called for calm as his security struggles to bring the perpetrators to book.

In a video trending on social media by BBS Tv, a yet to be identified woman narrates the events that led to the blast. She claims two men came in at the bar and it was at full capacity and seats were all occupied and they ordered for beer.

Residents of Komamboga look On As Police Examines the Crime Scene

According to the woman in the video, one of the men was putting on a people power shirt and he called her ordering for drinks [two buckets of Nile special], wasn’t settled and she claims she had ever seen him before when he had visited the same bar.

She served them only to come back demanding for the money only to find they had disappeared. After few minutes some one brought a bottle in a black kaveera and placed it under the table. The woman narrates several people saw it including her boss and it exploded when the men had disappeared.

Her revelations have since caused mixed reactions on how several atrocities are hurriedly politicized the recent one being the bijambiya gangs which were linked to Bobi Wine’s National Unity Platform and two legislators Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana are in Kigo prison for allegedly murdering several people in Masaka.

Police is set to address the nation regarding the incident in a press briefing at 2pm this afternoon to answer questions that are lingering in the minds of Ugandans on how the bar was operating when president haven’t yet opened them, how the same was happening pas curfew hours and how the UK issued terror threats and indeed it has happened.

Terror Threat
Daily Monitor carried the Story of a Terror Threat Alert By The UK

We are still following up on this story for more details.

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