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UPDF Puts Facts Right On The Boarder Clash with South Sudanese Army

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Lt Col Deo Akiki

The Uganda Peoples Defence forces (UPDF) has noted with concern the statement attributed to the director of media and press and spokesperson of the South Sudan Peoples Defence Forces (SSPDF) dated 29th Oct 2020.

The statement is completely false and a deliberate misrepresentation of what actually happened.

What happened is regrettable and can be avoided through mutual condemnation and decisive action against the remnant errant elements who on their own frolic, made this incursion into Ugandan territory ostensibly for the unofficial and individual criminal ends of extorting and robbing the Ugandan public.

Regarding the incident, the following are the facts:

  1. That on 27th Oct 2020 at around 1300hrs SSPDF troops of about a platoon(36) size established an illegal road block and an ambush at Ted-Nagwe (Atwila) in Pangira sub-county, Lamwo district several kms inside Ugandan territory for unknown reasons.
  2. On receiving this information from the locals, the UPDF deployment in the area of Ngomoromo moved to Ted Nagwe on a fact-finding mission.
  3. While approaching the spot where the illegal roadblock was, one SSPDF soldier was spotted and the UPDF commander approached him for an explanation. While interacting with him, the rest came from the ambush and instantly opened fire towards the UPDF troops.
  4. The SSPDF soldiers were however, subdued by UPDF retaliatory fire in which two SSPDF soldiers died and one was captured with three guns (SMG). There was no single casualty registered on UPDF side.

The two bodies, the captured soldier and the three guns were handed over to the South Sudanese authorities on 29th Oct 2020.

It is within the means of the leadership of both the UPDF and SSPDF to address and put this matter to rest.

The continued incursions onto Ugandan territory by South Sudanese armed elements, presents a challenge not only to the border communities but to the brotherly relations between the two countries.

Last, the ministries of foreign affairs and Defence of the two sister countries are working closely to address the matter. Diplomatic engagements by relevant stake holders are ongoing to complete the re-demarcation and reaffirmation of the common border to forestall future conflicts.

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