Breaking News: Constitutional Court Trims Police’s Powers On POMA Act


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The Constitutional Court has nullified section 8 of the Public Order Management Act 2013 that had given police more powers to control public meetings in the country. Police had taken advantage of section 8 which gives them powers to allow who, when, why, what and how public meetings takes place.

Across the country, police have waved the law like a conventional flag in a war zone signaling ‘cease-fire’ to, especially Opposition activities. Perhaps, more than any other law, POMA’s prominence has been the highest on the pecking order of public debate.

This news has left many political activists especially from Opposition happy as police’s powers have been trimmed and the interpretation of the law that was tabled by former Premier Amama Mbabazi and passed by the 9th Parliament in 2013 had become a point of political segregation in the country.

Details of this story will follow shortly.


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