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Bebe Cool Blasted For Stingy Statements On Rubella/ Measles Immunization

Singer Bebe cool who is currently on the president’s progandist team is on the receiving end for posting recklessly about the after effects of the recently concluded rubella immunization.

It all started when the Ministry of health Permanent secretary Dr Diana Atwine wrote on her media platform blaming a local television station for allegedly misinterpreting her message about the after effects of the mass Rubella/ measles vaccination that has reportedly affected some children and some children have died.

Bebe cool’s post that has caused mixed Reactons


According to Bebe cool the reports on the side effects are from the opposition whom he calls hooligans and he acknowledges in his post that “less than 1000 children out of 4 million have reacted and ofkos its because of the difference in immunity” which netizens have interpreted if less than 1000 kids die, it’s not a big deal to Bebe cool.

Many have condemned is statements, advising him to be shutting up some times claiming he doesn’t have to react on every issue, he should concentrate of counteracting Bobi wine other than uttering statements of pain for public consumption.

“Boss with dew respect sometimes you need to think before speaking , death is death even if it’s one , just put yourself in the shoes of that parent that lost his or her beloved doughter or son , please stop commenting on every national issue because you’re looking for relevance , if it’s true the vaccine has a side effect that has caused death the government should take on the responsibility and apologize to parents , but when I see you big mouthing when parents are loosing their kids boss , please start thinking 🤔!
You don’t know the pain and how Worried parents are now, Am even wondering wether you’re a parent !
Bebe cool you’re too old to reason , why do you always disappoint us, these are some of the reasons why we disagree with you when you claim that you groomed some people like Bobi wine and chameleon!
Munkulu you’re a disgrace to the nation “.- Posted a one Magumba Musa Kilibitawah

Some of the Reactions on Bebe cool’s post


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