Video: Exclusive-Minister Nantaba Decries Mafias Surrounding Museveni


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Minister Aidah Nantaba

Besides Mp Judith Babirye who is the Women legislator for Buikwe district who tops the list of the most troubled members of parliament in the 10th parliament, another legislator shares trouble equivalent to hers in Kayunga women legislator Aidah Nantaba who is also the State minister for ICT.

It’s now coming to months since Nantaba was plunged into dirty politics of hit and run that even costed the life of a one Sebulime who was shot dead by police attached to Nagalama on suspicion that he was following the minister in pursuit of ending her life.

Eversince the incident, minister Nantaba has been off the scene and was last month reportedly seeking refuge in Canada where she had gone to have a peace of mind. The Sebulime issue came at the backdrop of death threats directed to her by people she calls mafias.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mike Chibita had requested court to clear the troubled Minister on charges of murder from the minister but the request hit a snag when court in mukono declined to drop charges from the Kayunga women member of parliament.

In an exclusive interview with NTV, the minister reveals that president Museveni is surrounded by Mafias who according to her are controlling him and himself fears them. The word “MAFIA” existing in Museveni’s government has been around for a while with Museveni’s ministers decrying them every other day that passes.

It should be noted that Minister Nantaba is not the first one to decry Mafias threatening her life, recently the junior minister for privatization Evelyne Anite also decried Mafias threatening to kill her when she had over poked her nose in Uganda Telecom saga but Museveni poured cold water on her allegations.

According to Minister Nantaba she points out Museveni’s blue eyed man and well known land grabber Kalisa Kalangwa whom she accuses of threatening her life since she was minister for lands.

“We have a president surrounded by mafias who nolonger allow him to do the right thing, I think he also fears them because they might be doing some games without his knowledge you end up bumping in them yet they are strong”-Says Nantaba.

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