Just In: MUK Administration Bows Down to Pressure, Halts 15% Tuition Increment


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Makerere University administration has bowed to the students’ pressure and announced a halt on the 15% cumulative tuition increment that had led students protests in the last couple of days. 

Makerere University management in a letter dated Sunday, October 27, 2019, the acting Vice-Chancellor, Prof Umar Katumba invited the Guild President, Mr Julius Kateregga and Guid Council for “urgent talks” scheduled for Monday, October 28 at 2pm, in a bid to end the endless protests over the tuition fees increment policy.  

In Katerega’s response, he welcomed the talks but on conditions that there should be immediate lifting of the suspensions of all students accused of starting the strike. 

He also demanded that Mr Gordon Murangira and Prof Hisaali Elisa should not be part of the talk, further stressig that the University Council be part of the meeting since as the policy-making organ, they set the tuition fees increment policy and therefore hold the power to halt or stay it. 

Today Monday morming Police deployed heavily in and around Makerere University Main campus ahead of the planned meeting between the university administration and the student leadership this afternoon. 

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