Police releases 11 suspects in Maria Nagirinya Murder Case.


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Police and other joint security team investigating the murder of Maria Nagirinya, a former social worker has released 11 suspects that were initially arrested.

According to Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, some of the suspects were detained based on footage captured by CCTV security cameras on the night Nagirinya and Kitayimbwa were kidnapped.

While others were arrested basing on the phone communications, they had with relatives in the two days Nagirinya went missing. 

Enanga said in the CCTV footage, it appeared as if Makanga and his passenger one Mugisha were following kidnappers in Nagirinya car but during investigations, it was established that the duo had no idea of what was happening.

Based on CCTV video, investigators also arrested one Bwire also a Bodaboda rider who was captured following kidnappers as they drove back from Mukono where they had dumped Kitayimbwa and Nagirinya bodies.

Enanga said Bwire, Makanga and Mugisha have since been set free because all investigations methods applied on them have proved they were innocent and were just like other road users who by coincidence followed the car.

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