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Popular Bishop In Trouble For Stealing From an Old Woman

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 A popular Pastor has found himself in trouble after hoodwinking a family in Nairobi to sell land worth Ksh 15 Million in the name of chasing demons away in their lives and later escaping in thin air.
Speaking of what happened, Margaret Kirima has said that they have fallen a victim of pastors who have been taking advantage of religion to enrich themselves saying that what she has done will serve as a lesson not only to the Bishop but also to others.
“The Bishop came home and told us that the plot we were sitting on had already been vested with Demons from my late Husband and we could only find peace the moment we shall sell the land and he then deliver us.

I agreed, I never knew he was behind stealing from us. I remember on the day of selling the land last week. The pastor came and I dont know what he did. We signed all the forms as per his wish only to realize after two days that we had already transfered the ownership of the land to his church. A land estimated to worth Ksh 15Million near the Capital City.

As we are speaking now the Bishop is like a mad man and not until his people fully returns the ownership of the land to me, he will continue to suffer until he gives in,” Margaret has added.

Asked why she is so confident of fighting a battle with a man of God. Margaret has said that “I have the protection spells from Dr Mugwenu and I know that I am going to win the case fully.”

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