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Common Tricks Slay-Queens Apply To Get Money From Men

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The activities of Sly-queens have trended upwards in the past one decade. It has become a way of life or rather a ladies way of earning a living. You may however want to know who a sly-queen is. In summary a sly-queen is a woman who is skilled in deception that is luring high-class men into Loving her.

Note that there is a difference between Sly-queens and prostitutes. Prostitutes engage in casual sex whereas Sly-queens hook up with high-class men for instance the rich and famous for material gain. They are also socialites.

The question I want to answer is “How do Sly-queens lure their pretty?”

The first step is to identify the Mr right they want, study him closely without his knowledge about what he does, where he lives, his favorite restaurant among other things.

The sly-queen therefore bleaches herself with agents for those who are dark skinned, lipstick to make their lips attractive, colouring their eyebrows and some even use sprays to stiffen their breasts. Others go for injections to expand their sitting allowances. Sly-queens will do all these to appear curvy and attractive for potential customers.

Secondly, you will hardly find a sly-queen who cannot manage to speak English. English is used so that they look sophisticated. They are also keen on fashion since their prime intention is to attract high-class men. She is so keen on the latest fashion like shoes, clothes not to mention hairstyle which must be expensive.

Thirdly they must use charms to get men attracted to them. Some also use witchcraft which helps make them get many men as clients.

These are very clever people and once they target you, you will never be able to escape again and with their use of love charms which they get from witchdoctors, money start rolling in every day. They therefore live a life that many would only see in a dream

May of such ladies live large life and drive heavy machines just because they understood the power of ‘kamuti’ in their businesses.

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