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PAUL MUGOYA: Another Lot Of 350 Redundant Assistant RDCs To Burden Poor Tax Payers

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This money should have gone to help the struggling social services, more especially in health. But i know in the President’s mind, he knows that Ugandans suffer from a condition known as alexithymia, which is when people fail to respond to issues and situations.

Even if petrol costs 100K per liter, Mr. President, be rest assured that no one will be bothered with whatever you do with Uganda. Even if you appoint 500 new Ministers, be assured that there will be no noise making, God has given you the blessing to play around with this gullible sleeping lot.

This disease of Ugandans being unresponsive, and apathetic has reached appalling worrying levels. I know the President is aware of this condition that has afflicted all the classes in our society including people who are highly educated people who should have spoken for the voiceless.

We have become a mediocre class of people. The President takes advantage of this weakness for his benefit. In Luganda, they are called “Bebafu”. I kindly request our President to have a feeling for this country, be compassionate, and give them time to wake up from their slumber.

It is the sole responsibility for President who is also the captain to ensure that this boat called Uganda does not sink. “zukuka”,”muzukuke”! Banange tugwawo!

Mugoya Paul Polly, concerned citizen, FRONASA.

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