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PAUL MUGOYA: A divided Opposition Vs a Tired NRM

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As NRM continues to suffer from fatigue and voter apathy, as a result of long stay in power, rising cost of living, youth unemployment, corruption, high taxation, impunity, recycling of leaders, nepotism, poor remuneration of public servants, and poor service delivery that has disabled the performance of our social services, the government has instead opted for an enlarged unproductive stale public service that is basically hinged on patronage appeasements.

As much as both the NRM and Opposition are at their lowest, the NRM government for the first time has both a Constitutional President and a named co-president, Gen. Muhoozi, the Opposition leaders have failed to do their diligent duty of checks and balances to challenge this unconstitutional development, where the country now has 2 Presidents.

The recent structural changes and realignments of positions in the UPDF where Gen. Muhoozi’s position as the CDF has been strengthened his new position by delegating to him more powers as CIC, which should only be a preserve enjoyed by a sitting President who also is The Head of State.

This means our President has abdicated his responsibilities as the Head of the Armed Forces to the Army Commander which by nature of command instantly makes him a co-president.

NRM has taken advantage of the continuous endless unabating wrangles within the opposition where leaders are busily preoccupied with the scramble for power amongst themselves, and this has allowed the President to sneak in these changes.

Please take note, that the CIC of the Armed Forces takes control of not only the Army but also the Police, Prison, and other armed sections of security.

In conclusion, this is a flagrant disregard for the rule of law. I’m not opposed to Gen Muhoozi becoming President but the normal norms, and procedures as the law stipulates, have to be observed, as safeguards, to avoid a repeat of the past bad history and chaos ahead.

We should not leave loopholes that a rogue person can take advantage of to destabilize our country. This is just a cautionary warning. It can be taken or ignored, it’s not not mandatory.

Mugoya Paul Polly, FRONASA Veteran, And a Transformer.

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