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MPs Tired Of Testing For Covid-19 Whenever They’re To Attend Functions With Museveni

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Much as the Museveni’s government early this year during the Non Aligned Movement (NAM) and G77+China Summits between 15th to 22nd January 2024 exempted the delegates from testing for Covid-19 while coming to Uganda, people continue being mandated to test for Covid-19 before getting closer to Museveni.


Government attributed the exempting of the visitors from testing for Covid-19 to the fact that some dignitaries where not comfortable sharing their health information and expose their DNA while undergoing testing. This however created questions why Museveni continues to task whoever is to meet him to test for Covid-19 whether such a breach of exposing their health information and DNAs only applies to foreigners not Ugandans.

Ahead of his State of the Nation Address to the country on 06th June and the reading of the National Budget a week later on 13th June, Members of parliament are tired of testing for Covid-19 whenever they’ve to attend functions with Museveni. They’re also protesting a move by security to confiscate their phones and iPads whenever they’re to attend such functions.

According to Kalungu West MP Joseph Gonzaga Ssewungu, it disturbs and inconvenience MPs who are burdened to undergo testing for Covid-19 and sometimes forced to put on Masks when they have to go nearer president Museveni. He feels the world has already moved away from the Covid-19 scare and so should Museveni.

Ssewungu wonders how one person has to task whoever is to meet him to test for Covid-19 as if the pandemic is still in place yet people are vaccinated and the scare is already gone. He says it’s the reason majority MPs stay away from functions with Museveni to avoid such burdens of testing for Covid-19 and have their phones confiscated.

“Why are we still going to such functions and we have to test for COVID-19, pluck my nose, I also want to know the results of the President before he tests me. Because how can we have one person in the country that every body must be tested for Covid before going close to him. Denying us our gadgets, iPad, phones, I can’t be part of that,”-said Ssewungu

However Speaker of parliament promised that she would talk to the SFC soldiers to end the practice of compulsory Covid-19 testing for whoever is to meet Museveni and also stop confiscating of phones from Members of Parliament.

Museveni last year in June contacted Covid-19 and delegated his presidential duties to prime Minister Nabbanja who enjoyed the privileges for one day as she presided over the Heroes day 2023 in Kakumiro with full honors of the president. Museveni would later come out to reveal he had healed from Covid-19 after just 5 days.

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His wife Janet Museveni also contact Covid-19 late last year in December after Christmas and she got out isolation after just three days revealing that she had healed from the killer Covid-19.

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