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VIDEO: “Let Muhoozi Prove To Ugandans That He’s Competent To Manage a Country Not As Museveni’s Son”-Says Otafiire

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Museveni’s bush war hero and outspoken Minister of Internal Affairs Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire has once again taken a swipe and punched holes in Muhoozi’s intent for Uganda’s presidency.

In a video shared by the NBS Tv on social media, Otafiire throws another serious jibe at Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba and wants him to prove to Ugandans that he’s competent and capable of running a country not as Museveni’s son but as Muhoozi.


Otafiire who has openly showed his doubts in a Muhoozi presidency after his father draws his emphasis on democracy which they fought for 40 years ago not a hereditary or monarch kind of leadership in the country.

“Because if you say the son should take over from the father, his son will also want to take over from his grand father, then there will be sultan number one, Sultan number two and then the whole essence of the democracy for which we fought for will be lost. Let there be fair competition including Gen Muhoozi. Let him prove to Ugandans that he’s capable not as Museveni’s son but as he Muhoozi that he’s competent to manage a country, i have nothing against him….’-says Otafiire

He early this month rested worries and words that he hates Muhoozi. In a viral video revealed that he’s clear and open to the fact he doesn’t hate Muhoozi but he just against Muhoozi ascending to his father’s throne when Museveni finally makes up that decision to step down or if nature drags him off the grip he has help for almost four decades now.

“I hear people say Kahinda hates Museveni’s son, he hates Muhoozi Kainerugaba. I don’t hate Kainerugaba as a person, I don’t want him as a president. there is a difference. I have no problem with Kainerugaba as Museveni’s son but Kainerugaba the president of Uganda, i don’t support that. I’m very open on that one.”-said Otafiire

His words come at the time when Muhoozi just recently rebranded his MK movement to the Patriotic League of Uganda whose leadership comprises of Key Museveni ministers and NRM bosses.

Otafiire is one of those NRM historical who are outspoken and just after the 2021 general election, another bush war hero (Gen Elly Tumwine) while handing over the Ministry of Security told off Museveni to prepare for a transition and let other people take the country forward. Tumwine died on 22nd August 2022 aged 68 at the Aga Khan University in Nairobi.

Another military General who first revealed details in the Muhoozi project 10 years ago in a letter to the media ended up going to exile in Europe and even abandoned his MP seat in 2013. His letter would later lead to closure of Monitor publications and Red Pepper publications offices for several months.

The Muhoozi presidency after his father is also not good music to the ears of Gen David Ssejusa who recently retired from the army after years of pleading to take permanent leave from the UPDF.

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