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“Uganda Will Not Allow Foreign Countries To Interfere In Our Internal Affairs”-Museveni To Biden

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni


President Museveni has vehemently hit at the Western powers especially the US for trying to force the Pearl of Africa into accepting weird behaviours like Homosexuality.

Uganda enacted the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 and Museveni signed it into law on 29th May 2023. The law was welcomed home but has received widespread condemnation from the western giants but especially the US.

The new law spells doom for same sex couples, those involved in recruitment of others especially children into the vice and those who help promote it. It comes with heavy fines, life imprisonment and death for those convicted for Homosexual related crimes.


US president Joe Biden warned of dire consequences if Uganda does not repeal the law. Of the man things he threatened atleast three have already started biting.

World Bank suspended any more funding to Uganda in October last year after American senators petitioned the funding body, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced travel sanctions on whoever was involved in abuse of human rights. He separately sanctioned Uganda’s prisons boss Dr Johnson Byabasaija. As that’s not enough, the US delisted Uganda from the lucrative AGOA trade forum.

All these according to President Museveni are being done to corner and coerce Uganda into accepting Homosexuality which he says is against the African and Ugandan cultural values and norms.

In a statement he published on his X formerly twitter page, Museveni vividly made it clear that they will not allow foreign countries to intrude in the internal affairs of Uganda. We publish his statement verbatim.

In my address to the nation last night, I talked about two issues: the ADF terrorist group and the interference by foreign actors in the affairs of Uganda. My message to the ADF terrorists is to stop wasting their time because there’s no way they will survive.

They met their end when H.E. Felix Tshisekedi allowed us to hunt them in Eastern Congo in November 2021. If they had an ounce of common sense, they should have known there was no way they could survive once we were allowed to work with the Congolese army and clear that area. They lack knowledge about warfare and the capacity of the military.

Regarding the Western pressures, Uganda will not allow foreign countries to interfere in our internal affairs. Uganda, a part of Africa, was colonised in the past due to selfish and greedy chiefs. However, the country is now independent.

We should now concentrate on, among other things: 1. Fighting corruption. 2. Protecting our environment because damaging our swamps, lakes, and forests can harm our production ability. 3. Regional integration because we need a bigger market, which is crucial.

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