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KATANGA MURDER: Untouchable Widow Molly Skips Now Show Again As Court Orders Daughter’s Arrest

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The day 2nd November 2023 sounds bells of grief and sorry in the family of slain business man Henry Katanga who died mysterious following a domestic blow at his Mbuya based home in Nakawa division.

Court on November 21 directed that Molly Katanga Bananukye the wife to the deceased appears in court today 8th January 2023 after skipping sessions twice. And the suspects who were remanded to Luzira prisons were also set to appear today.


It’s not clear what exactly happened but immediately after the shooting of Katanga, his wife Molly Bananukye went into comma and has been hospitalized at IHK in Kampala and reportedly undergone several surgeries.

Following the incident, Molly Katanga’s mother Mirieli Kyobuhoro hired top city lawyers in addition to the others that the family hired. Among these is former Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana who are making sure that Molly Bananukye and her daughter Martha all go to prison other than hiding at IHK hospital. Kyobuhoro says if Molly and her daughter need medical attention, prisons is well facilitated to care for them.

Martha Nkwanza Who Faces Arrest

She was supposed to appear in court today but her lawyers came with documents from ministry of Health indicating that their client Molly Bananukye is still sick and not yet recovered having undergone five surgeries.

Now the Nakawa Chief Magistrate court has issued an arrest warrant for Martha Nkwanzi and extended Molly Katanga’s court summons as the other suspects arrested before were returned to Luzira prisons following their failed bail hearing and will instead wait a bit longer until January 2024 when their bail hearing will be brought forward for hearing.

Martha has been skipping court three times after giving birth to her second child, a baby boy but her grand mother Kyobuhoro who i still bitter about how her son died mysteriously says Martha should go to jail and breastfeed her baby from there.

When Katanga died, three people were arrested and have been on remand since then, these include Dr Charles Otai, George Amanyire who is a shamba boy, Patricia Kakwanza who is Molly Katanga’s eldest daughter.

This is a high end legal battle as both families are well connected to government and are all being bank rolled by top governments which will make it a bit hard for the battle to come to a conclusion very well.

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