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PAUL MUGOYA: Why Has The World Closed It’s Eyes On Palestine?

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Was Hitler right or wrong when he oversaw the mass killings of Jews? There is no difference to what happened to Rwanda. The world closed it’s eyes on the genocide in Rwanda. If what is happening in Gaza is not stopped, it can culminate into something that isn’t pleasant for the world.

Bigger wars are normally sparked by trivial disagreements. Look at the Parl Habour attack by the Japanese in 1942. The attack was answered by the Americans dropping Atomic bombs on Japan. The genocide on Jews in Germany culiminated into the destruction of Germany cities.

There is a growing anger against Israelis globally. The images of dead children. Israelis making videos mocking Palestinian mothers mourning their dead children. What type of hatred is this? No ubuntu! When I was taught that black people are savages.

Today, I can see that even Israelis and American are savages, that’s why Israelis killed Jesus. Killing of thousands of children with impunity? No, this has to be stopped. Where is the world?

It is terrifying to see the indiscriminate collective punishment and revenge, Israel’s retribution on the Palestines for the 7th October Hamas attack on Israel. A revenge full of vengeance and rage supported and backed by the USA both in finances and military weaponry.

This makes the USA an accomplice in the crime. What is happening in Gaza and West Bank is criminal. It is genocide and a well preplanned organized extermination of the Palestine people. Israel is openly exercising and repeating what happened in Germany over 80 years ago against the Jews by the Nazi. It is a dejavu. Israel has for long traumatized, dehumanized, brutalized and repressed the Palestinian people. Children who have attained 20years have known nothing but war.

Israel is busy on a spree without shame, grabbing Palestinian land and displacing more Palestinians. Hamas are not terrorist but freedom fighters fighting for their rights to existence. ANC, ZANU even NRA were once viewed as terrorists or bandits. It is the occupiers, the Israelis who are dehumanizing and violating Palestinians rights.
The situation is catastrophic and apocalyptic.

The massacre of human beings by barbaric inhuman Israeli leaders while the world closes its eyes when genocide unfolding is a dent on world governance. Failure by the USA to support a ceasefire Resolution clearly shows double standards. They allow some humanitarian support to enter then the next day they bomb the same.

This makes the relevance of the UN look ugly and meaningless. According to a critical analysis, this is a turning point on how UN will be viewed in the near future. There will be no more respect for UN engagements. UN in its present form is loosing respect, sense of purpose and is becoming like a toothless dog because USA is the sole game changer while at the same time it refused to be a signatory on many conventions. USA is not a signatory to the Rome Statute of ICC. Because almost the 5 permanent members are the biggest violators of human rights. These are double standards.

The world has closed its eyes on the Palestinian plight because of fear to loose friendship with the USA thus making the USA the super policeman and world King. What a big shame to those that have surrendered their sovereignty to the USA.

The Israeli policy of pursuing Hamas and the indiscriminate bombing of Palestinian civilians within their homes at expense of destroying Hamas is total disrespect for humanity and violation of the international law that governs war. This is absolutely cowardice on the side of Israelites. The indiscriminate carpet bombing of civilian homes using high explosives, regardless of lives and homes.

This is collective revenge and retribution, as if the 25000 strong Hamas army is the responsibility of every Palestine including the babies who are dying in the bombardment.

The Israelis selfishness for always feeling that they are the only ones who are existentially threatened, is a misconception. It is the Palestine who are more threatened because they do not even have an army that can stand up against the occupying forces of Israelites for 75 years.

If worldly issues continue to be handled or managed selectively in a biased manner like it is, then we even risk to be polarized more, where it will become more difficult to tackle such same situations on the globe. Tomorrow calls from USA and the UN will not be respected when rogue regimes are violating peoples rights or when democratic governments are overthrown by the military.

The USA which is a democratic world leader has now shown double standards when it is about its allies and friends. This explains why Russia is arrogant and defiant against UN resolutions, moreover it is a permanent member.

Paul Polly Mugoya

The Writer Is a Concerned FRONASA Veteran

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