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YOWASI KIBEEDI: An Open Letter To My Beloved King, His Majesty The Kyabazinga Of Busoga

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Funvugha, Baaba Kyabazinga and Congratulations upon your Holy Matrimony with HRH The Inhebantu. Your wedding/marriage is a very big milestone in the affairs of our Kingdom. It signifies the beginning of a new chapter in your endeavours to develop Obusoga.

The love and enthusiasm exhibited by the people of Busoga and those who love her shows that we can accomplish a lot as a people united and guided by your leadership. It also shows that very many people, beyond Basoga and Busoga, love and are willing to work with you to uplift Busoga and her people on many fronts; health, education, agriculture etc.

This function also confirmed that Busoga has a number of organizations-public, the private sector, local, regional and international-which are ready to work with Your Majesty to make your Kingdom great again. The other lesson I picked is that you have a superfluity of personal friends and connections that you can tap into or point your subjects to for the needed resources/support to develop the Kingdom.

Baaba, since it is not helpful to lament mbu ‘Ekyaita Omwaami Nakimanha……,’ permit me to draw your attention to the following issues: –

Your Majesty, in the 1980s and 1990s, Busoga boasted of very many schools which used to post impressive performances at national level. This was in terms of discipline, academics and co-curricular activities. Some of these schools included Kamuli Girls PS, Kamuli Boys PS, Namalemba PS, Mwiri PS, Namasagali College, Busoga College Mwiri, Jinja College, Wanyange, Kiira College Butiki, etc. These are, sadly, no more.

Some of the reasons for the decline/collapse of these institutions are the plundering and mismanagement occasioned upon them by us, the Basoga. This is done through the BOGs and PTAs who turned them into their cash cows. The other reason is that most of the Basoga who have had positions of influence in the Central Government have not done much in terms of lobbying for resources to develop new/additional infrastructure or maintain the existing ones.

This situation has been made worse by the lack of direction from your current cabinet ministers/technical team, led by the Katuukiro/PM, who have been at the helm for the last 9 years of your reign. A number of people in Busoga are ready to contribute/fundraise towards the maintenance/improvement of our schools if they are mobilized by trusted leaders who are ready to provide transparency and accountability for the resources raised.

The Cabinet/Executive, headed by the PM, is supposed to be the driving force of all development initiatives in any organization. Our current cabinet, however, has been the most dormant and inert in Busoga’s modern history.

It is both unfortunate and disturbing to note that our Kingdom has no serious program on any of the local radio stations around Busoga through which your subjects would be rallied for development, health, education or taught about their culture and norms.

Apart from organizing the annual Kyabazinga coronation anniversaries and the Royal wedding, which we are proud of and heartily appreciate them for, there is nothing much that this cabinet can point to as achievements during their term of office.

By now, the cabinet should have presented The Busoga Development Plan and sensitized your people about it. We also wonder how the Kingdom affairs are run without cabinet meetings and a well-laid down budget.

Baaba, Busoga is one Kingdom where most of the subjects cannot identify their PM and most of his ministers. Even if our PM stood alone in the middle of the Mailo Mbili round about, people would continue with their businesses without noticing that such an important person is in their midst. This is because the cabinet has been very detached from and with no impact on the Basoga at the lowest level.

Your Majesty, the personal actions/inactions of our PM have also alienated a number of serious and respected Basoga from the Kingdom affairs. This is because his name has severally featured in scandals involving grabbing and selling of public and institutional land in Busoga (land belonging to Church, Busoga College Mwiri and Busoga Kingdom).

We were recently shocked by the Kitovu land saga where land was grabbed from your innocent poor subjects by use of guns. Some of them were kidnapped, tortured and their property and crops destroyed. It is disheartening that your subjects are being tortured by the person you appointed to be the face of Busoga.

Baaba, a Katuukiro whose name is tainted with such issues will not earn much respect and trust from your subjects and, most importantly, such a PM is not the one that Busoga needs at a time like this when we need every Musoga to get aboard as we start to cruise in the direction you and the Inhebantu will most likely want to point us to.

Your Majesty, a united Busoga is what we all yearn for. It is imperative, therefore, that you to enlist all the support you need to bring your brother, The Zibondo of Bulamogi, on board. We need to move together with our brothers and sisters from his Chiefdom. We are stronger with them than without them. Please disregard all voices that have for long demonized our people from Kaliro; for such voices come from selfish individuals who are scared of a united Busoga.

The Basoga are also aware of the poor working relationship between the Katuukiro and the Chiefdom of Luuka whose Katuukiro was recently arrested and incarcerated on trumped up charges under the machinations of your PM. Your people of Kigulu still wonder why Obwa Kyabazinga Bwa Busoga neglected Chief Ngobi and left him to die under poor conditions. These are some of the reasons why a number of your brothers, the Royal Chiefs are disgruntled; which is not good for our Mother Busoga. A Katuukiro who is appointed by Your Majesty should not cause a rift between you and your own brothers, the Royal Chiefs.

The other issue you need to use your unquestionable authority to resolve is the Butembe question. The court pronouncement on this matter should be respected and implemented. The longer this matter lingers, the more confusion and division it foments among your subjects in Butembe. This matter has also been mismanaged by our Katuukiro who has assumed more powers than the Balangira themselves and started to decide and assign the title of Ntembe gha Butembe to whoever worships him. The recent public humiliation of Mr. Ayub Banamwiita, by the PM at his gate, when he went to claim the vehicle for Butembe Chiefdom is a sight we shall never forget in the history of Busoga.

Your Majesty, I humbly propose that you urgently assign and instruct senior, tested, respected and trustworthy Basoga to form a think tank that will provide technical and cultural direction for the improvement of both social services in Busoga and the general management of Kingdom affairs. Busoga is not short of such subjects who are ready to serve the Kingdom in this capacity.

Your Majesty, it is my humble prayer that we use this Royal Wedding as a launch pad for new development initiatives which will take Busoga to new heights.

It is also time for us to work with the Central Government to rally Busoga for development. The low household income, ignorance and disease can only be well tackled when the kingdom deliberately takes advantage of all her endowments including, but not limited to its obedient and hardworking people.

Baaba; Tikulagiire, aye embeera Obusoga gyebulimu n’ensiigha.

Funvugha, Baaba Kyabazinga.

Yowasi Kibeedi Katyabaga-Omwise Menha,

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