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Soroti City Council Continues Collecting Taxes From Visitors Who Park And Go To Shop In The Main Market

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SOROTI: Corruption in Soroti city has now reached to the level of bearable to the extent that the city is taxing everything thing and its expected that soon it will start taxing couples who move in a pair.
Despite the recent warning by the minister of local government Mr.Rapheal Magyezi to the city officials to stop any illegal taxing of vehicles  parked at the main streets and those at the park yard of Soroti main market, the council agents have continued issuing Shs1,000 receipts to any person who parks his or her at the yard of the main market and enters to buy merchandise in the market.
On Friday morning USA tourists were compelled to pay Shs3,000 for parking his car at the yard of the market for three hours as he was touring the market while buying fruits. Another Spanish tourist paid Shs2,000 to the agents who had issued him the receipt for parking  at the main market yard.
One of the drivers who was also issued the receipt decided to drive off without paying any coin saying the minister had stopped taxing vehicles in the streets.
This publication also learnt that the minister had directed the city divisions  authorities to clean up all the streets in the city by ensuring that no selling either clothes or fruits along the city streets, however the exercise was carried when the minister was still in Soroti by then but currently selling along the streets has resumed and the taxes being collected from those selling along the streets end up in the individual pockets of high authority in the city.
Ms Betty Amuget a trader at the main market said they will soon lose customers adding that most people now fear of being taxed for parking.
“This market has its parking yard and most customers come and park and they enter to buy merchandise at the market but now this taxing is bad,”She said.
Mr.Daniel Christopher Kawesi the Soroti city clerk when contacted declined to pick up our repeated calls to clarify on the vice. Johnson Omoding one of the Anticorruption monitors in the city demanded for and immediate transfer of Soroti city clerk saying he was the centre of Soroti problems.
“When you look at the documents about the land wrangle in the city, the stamp of the city clerk is involved he should just be transferred away from Soroti city”-he says
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