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AHEAD OF 2026: “Stop Washing Our Underwear In Public”-Dr Nabwiso To FDC Members

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The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) elders are currently at Najjankumbi addressing the media in reply to Dr Kiiza Besigye’s Katonga presser which punched holes in their report on the dirty money which is threatening to tear the party in pieces.

Tensions, emotions continue boiling in the once vibrant opposition outfit for the last two decades as members point fingers at each other for dancing in the dark with president Museveni and claiming to be in the struggle to oust the junta during day.

Confusion stems from money in billions which reportedly entered the party in the months preceding to the 2021 general elections which the Besigye faction with Ssemuju Nganda, Mubarak Munyagwa, Francis Mwijukye, Asinansi Nyakato, Lord Mayor Erias Lukwako vividly say their party secretary General Nandala Mafabi sourced it from president Museveni.


According to Dr Kiiza Besigye who addressed the media on Monday this week at his Katonga office, Nandala picked money from Museveni after presenting a budget to state house to run their presidential campaigns. Besigye says he got information about this dirty money and even engaged Nandala Mafabi, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, Jack Sabiiti, Geofrey Ekanya to explain the source which they was borrowed money.

Nandala Mafabi insists it was his money which he lent to the Forum for Democratic Change despite not revealing the actual amount, the agreements signed and the period of repayment of this money which entirely funded Amuriat’s campaign trails and even catered for other expenses.

On part of the Money, Nandala gave Besigye Shs300Million for safe custody, he also gave 280millions to Amuriat to run his political errands. Besigye also says upon seeing the money, he made his inquiries with his sources who revealed to him the source of the money, how it was sourced and who brokered the deal. According to Besigye, NRM’s National Vice Chairperson Eastern Mike Mukula held Nandala Mafabi’s hand and took him to Museveni.


The four time presidential candidate would later return the Shs300million to Nandala on request. He says Nandala told him he feared his Shs300 million to be seized by URA since he had debts with the tax body and was only safe with Besigye in Kasangati.

Now after trashing the Nabwiso report which cleared Nandala of any wrong doing, the FDC elders are wondering how Besigye would label their report not even worthy the paper they wrote it on. These say Besigye never provided evidence that the money.

“Dr Kizza Besigye didn’t prove to us that money came from the State House and he didn’t disclose to us the name of his informer from State House about the dirty money as he claims”-says Nabwiso

The former Kagoma county legislator Nabwiso further advises Besigye not to soil his legacy in this Museveni money saga because they hold high respect for him because he has contributed much to the struggle to end the Museveni junta and also agitated for the betterment of Ugandans.

“Dr Kizza Besigye, the first president of FDC, who we have high respect for, described our report as not being worthy of the paper it was written on. According to him, even the paper we wrote was useless”-says Nabwiso.

Nabwiso further advises the FDC party members across the country not wash the party’s dirty linen in public because it’s soiling the efforts done in securing change that Ugandan’s yearn for and also spoiling the party’s public image before saying what FDC is facing is the affecting other parties too. He says NRM is facing the same with two presidential candidates, Museveni and his son ahead of the 2021 general elections. The same in DP, UPC and even NUP when Kibalama openned parallel offices in Lubaga.

Their presser come at the backdrop of heightened tensions in the Najjankumbi blue party that has since seen Kira Municipality legislator Ibrahim Ssemuju Nganda sacked from the position of FDC party Whip in parliament and replaced by Dr Yusuf Nsibambi who has since vowed to unite both factions of Katonda and Najjankumbi to move the party forward.

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