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KASESE SCHOOL ATTACK: US Warned Of Terrorism Attacks Five Days Ago

A cloud of sorrow hovers above Lhubiriha Secondary School a privately owned school in Mpondwe 2kms away from the Congolese boarder in Kasese district after rebels raided the school and left 41 people many of them students who were slaughtered live and others succumbed to injuries after a bomb which the rebels carried.

According to a police statement, the attack has been linked to the Allied Democratic Forces who have been fighting in the jungles of Congo for over 20 years making attacks inside Congo and in Uganda.


This is the second major terrorist attack in the same area after the 08th June 1998 attack after the same militants raided Kichwamba Technical College in Kabalore district and burnt students in Hostels leaving over 80 dead and abducted over 100.

Museveni’s government launched a full blown operation against the Allied Democratic Forces in late 2021 after the group claimed responsibility of two bombs that went off in Kampala at Buganda road and parliamentary avenue leaving 7 people dead and scores injured.

The operation code-named Shujaa is jointly being executed by UPDF and the Congolese army in the jungles of Eastern DRC and president Museveni has in recent addresses been saying that the ADF have been defeated.

Despite the operation Shujaa, ADF have been making attacks on villages inside Congo killing people and also been trying to attack Uganda but repulsed the recent one being in Ntoroko were several militants were killed, others arrested and one UPDF officer lost his life in the operation.

UPDF and Police confirmed the attack and revealed that the army was giving the rebels a hot pursuit to rescue the students abducted and also give the ADF a red nose.

Questions continue to linger on how the terrorists might have entered the area, beating the security apparatus there with intelligence and made such a heinous attack on a school leaving innocent students dead.

The attack comes few days after government released Charles Wesley Mumbere the King of Rwenzururu who has been battling charges of terrorism, aggravated robbery, murder among others. The DPP dropped charges against the king and 200 of his royal guards after being in incarceration for more that five years.

This attack also comes few days after the US issued travel advisories to it’s nationals intending to visit Uganda of possible terrorism attacks. The US in a travel advisory issued on 12th this month warned of crime, terrorism and the anti-LGBTQ legislation in Uganda.

“Country summary: There remains a threat of terrorist attacks in Uganda and throughout the region. Terrorist attacks occurred in several villages in western Uganda in December 2022 and there were multiple bombings in and around Kampala in 2021. While the attacks did not appear to target foreign nationals, anyone can be a victim. U.S. citizens should remain alert and avoid large public gatherings”- read part of US’s travel advisory.

Read Full Travel Advisory HERE

This happens at the backdrop of an attack on Ugandan soldiers under the African Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) in Buulo-Mareer 120kms South East of the capital Mogadishu on 26th May 2023. The attack done by the Al-Shabaab militants who came in large numbers of about 800 left the base destroyed, 54 soldiers dead, scores injured and others taken captive.

The US and other western countries normally issue travel advisories to their nationals regarding terrorism after collecting intelligence information and many times terrorism attacks do happen after the warnings and alerts.

President Museveni who is also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces has since the ministry of Education and sports to commiserate with the school, the Commander of the Defense Forces (CDF) Gen Wilson Mbadi, the Commander Land Forces (CLF) Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga are also joining the UPDF Division Commander on the ground for an onspot assessment.

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