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ODEKE BAZEL: A fight For Generations

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By Odeke Bazel
Whereas the Israelites got the antiphon for their petition, “the fathers ate the sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge”. Our quest to have corruption abdicated in Uganda debris to be a fight for generations
Notably, corruption has been a long-standing issue in Uganda, with the country ranking poorly in global corruption indices. Despite efforts to tackle the problem, corruption remains pervasive in various sectors of the Ugandan society, including public, private, politics and law enforcement, count all.
In distinction to the findings of the Inspectorate of Government (IG) and Governance Transparency Institute (GTI) last year, it was estimated that, money lost to corruption per year is at 9.144 trillion shillings, Country men and women, we are talking about an estimate! With now Ministries involved in blatantly, it’s superficially more than an estimate.
Unfortunately, the leadership seems to kowtow with the vice, “corruption isn’t bad if someone uses the money to open a five star hotel”. What a comic State we have been cooked to!  No wonder corruption issues come to outshine corruption issues, whether they’re brought to book and given maximum diagnosis and treatment it deserves is another issue, after all, it’s a drunkard to help a drunkard home.
Earlier this year, Uganda airlines was on limelight for mismanagement of funds. COSASE was very pivotal in establishing and ascertaining the cause-effect relationship. Of course, being a public matter, much was expected in terms of faces, signatures and office orders. As of now, whether the issue was settled duly or not is another matter, that’s how we have patronized corruption.
Not far, as usual, forty days of enjoyment seemed to had expired for NSSF grand milkers, they were the next in the calendar. With hybrid rate of unemployment, this (NSSF scandal) was largely an issue of Clergy and Nobles(beneficiaries).
As of riffraff who strive for a meal, medication, slave themselves in and out of the country and sleep with empty stomach, that wasn’t an issue. Why? As unemployed person, NSSF for what? This shows the decadence our society is faced with
With, NSSF scandal poured fridge water, Karamoja siphon, what has come to be refered to as “Karamoja iron sheets scandal” had no time to waste but take over the center stage. One would ask why this(Karamoja saga) has taken much time on stage, your guess is as good as mine!
Can we assume that, the addition of 11.63 billion shillings to IG’s budget ( 53-79billion) in this current financial year 2022/2023 is beginning to pay? Can we now trust that soon we shall be uprooting and burning the roots of corruption in Uganda? Or it’s a misnomer? I leave that to you
With, several Ministers, Government officials and MPs accused of sharing out iron sheets that were meant for the vulnerable people of Karamoja, it really shows how worse we have reached as a country.
As some Ministers continue to refute the approach on how the matter is being handled (want it private), it figuratively shows that corruption is not an issue of now but a fight for generations.
To be held accountable or not, remains an issue of luck! Corruption isn’t ending with us because it’s us and it’s within us. As a Ugandan(tax payer), I know something else is loading to outshine this (Karamoja saga), it’s more less to say, the downfall of one corruption scandal leads to the rise of another
The questions do remain: Will the criminals face their on repercussions as Israelites were told? Will we have sanity ever again in this country? Will corruption land it’s end? How will it happen? It’s fate to tell.
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