Pulinsipo Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu of the National Unity Platform has finally broken his silence on the contentious Anti-Homosexuality Bill which was recently passed by parliament and sent to president Museveni to assent his signature to it.

If by chance as expected that president Museveni assents to this controversial bill, it will become law into the land and the homosexuals and crusaders of the vice will have no where to hide but face the wrath of it’s provisions.

In the previous bill passed by parliament on 21st December 2013, it was referred to as a Christmas gift to Ugandans by the legislators then and the speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga and this one which was passed this week it’s being referred to as an Easter gift by legislators and speaker Anita Among.


Unfortunately the previous bill despite being assented to by the president in February 2014, it did not live to be enforced as activists led by Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda ran to court which struck it in August of the same year.

Bobi Wine has come out with guns brazing to water down the claim that the bill is an Easter gift that the legislators have given to Ugandans, according to the NUP boss, the real gift is freeing all political prisoners, agitating for the end of extra-judicial killings, abductions and executions meted on Ugandans.

Nevertheless, journalist Andrew Mwenda has vowed to shoot down the contentious bill if president Museveni chooses morals over funding to sign it into law, according to Mwenda the bill is ridiculous and stupid with the provisions.

The Ghetto gladiator has left reactions with divided opinions on what he thinks of the bill which is already a thorn into the fresh of his foreign backers who have since urged president Museveni not to sign it into law warning of dire consequences including withdrawing their funding into key government sectors.

We wait to see what awaits the bill since gay activists like Andrew Mwenda have seen quite many loopholes and grounds to shoot it and it goes to the ICU where it had been caged since August 2014 until it was re-introduced to parliament by Bugiri Municipality legislator Asuman Basalirwa.

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