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Influx Of Cattle Drives Away Wild Animals In Pian-Upe Game Reserve

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By Steven Ariong

NAKAPIRIPIRITI: The Uganda Wild Life Authority is currently facing a big challenge to control the influx of cattle that have entered in the game reserve and driving away protected wild animals in the park.

James Okware The Senior Warden In charge Of Pian,Upe And Bokora, Matheniko Game Reserve At His Office In Moruajore Headquarters-PHOTO BY STEVEN ARIONG

Speaking to this website over the weekend, James Okware the senior warden officer in charge of Pian Upe game reserve in Nakapiripirit district said the persisting draught has made Pastoralists move with their more than 100,000 cows to the game reserve.


He said Pastoralists from both west Pokot in Kenya, Karimojong and Turkana have entered forcefully in the protected area in Pian, Bokora and  Matheniko game reserve grazing the animals.

He said cattle are competing for water, grass and habitat with wild life.

“Right now we losing many wild life animals that are migrating from the park to the community areas where they are poached”- he has told this website.

According to Okware Pian -Upe game reserve is home to more than 300 species of birds,500 species of plants, 37 species of mammals.

He noted that Pian,Upe game reserve where someone can see roan antelopes and many others such as Karamoja appalls, box waver, greater and lesser kudud, Jacksons Harte bites, Topy, hilan and buffalos.

A visit by this publication to the game reserve discovered a lot of activities taking place at the game reserve including professional spot hunting by Karimojong overland Safaris.

Karamoja region is currently facing a serious drought that has dried up most of the water sources in the region.

With this, Mark Losia one of the pastoralists in Namalu sub county in Nakapiripirit district says they have started losing animals due to lack of pasture and water.

“If this rains delay to return, we shall lose many animals”- Losia says

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