Bobi Wine Breathes Fire As Museveni Gov’t Shuts Down UN Human Rights Office

Army Beats Journalists

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As your are aware it was revealed to the public that the Museveni government had with immediate effect ended it’s mandate with the Office of The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights due to a yet to be known reason given it’s human rights record.

The government has been on the spotlight over human rights violations mixed with abductions, torturing of opposition supporters and failing to produce them to courts of law for trial.

While taking their petition to the UN human rights office in Kololo- Kampala, Bobi Wine and his NUP counter parts made it to the office but unfortunately Museveni’s army descended on the journalists covering the event and beat them like chicken thieves, the ugly scenes were captured live on camera and this dented the Human rights records of Museveni and his government.

The army would later come out and apologize saying some of the perpetrators were arrested and jailed but this wasn’t enough for the beaten journalists.

In a letter that made its way to social media, the ministry of Foreign Affairs explained how the government of Uganda has been renewing the UN human rights office mandate since 2006 until this year when the same government decided not to renew and allow existence of the office in Uganda.


“….the prevailing peace throughout the country, coupled with strong National Human Rights institutions and a vibrant civil society- with the capacity to monitor the promotion and protection of human rights throughout the country, the ministry wishes to convey the government’s decision not the mandate of the OHCHR country office in Uganda beyond the current term in accordance with article 68 of the host country agreement between the government of the Republic of Uganda signed on 9th February 2020…” reads part of the statement

This however has not gone with National Unity Platform principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine who has scoffed at Museveni for chasing away international organizations that would hold him accountable for human rights violations.

According to Bobi Wine in a tweet posted on his handle, president Museveni is doing all he can not to have his excesses monitored by any one after closing several NGO’s, Facebook, Democratic Governance Facility among others.

“In the face of growing international condemnation and isolation, tyrant Museveni has responded by shutting down NGOs, Facebook, DGF (Biggest donor-funded democracy program) & declaring several internationals Persona Non-Grata or deporting them! Now he shuts down UN Human Rights Uganda”- tweeted Bobi Wine.

The decision by government to shut this office will create discussion in the corridors of power especially opposition and human rights activists and defenders who regarded it as a temple of outspoken minds to atrocities done to Ugandans.

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