FACT CHECK: South Sudanese Journalist’s Body Breaks Silence On Missing, Dead Scribes Over President Salva Kiir’s ‘Susuling’ Video

Salva Kiir Looks At The National Event Where He 'Susudi' On Himself

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The past few days have seen one of the biggest presidential embarrassment when a sitting president peed on himself during a national event which was later revealed it was a road commission function in South Sudan.

As he was singing the South Sudanese national anthem, 71 year old president Salva Kiir Mayadit’s taps went loose and wetted his pants and it rained and flowed almost the same way the River Nile flows northwards to it’s final destination in the Mediterranean sea. Many health experts have attributed the president’s ‘susu’ on urinary related illnesses.

This caused backlash and mixed reactions with some blaming the journalists who were covering the event live, others blamed the presidential handlers for the mess while others blamed the embarrassment on Africa’s leaders who don’t want to step down despite ill heath and old age.


However, news started spreading that one one of the journalists who covered the event had reportedly committed suicide for causing the embarrassment to the president while it was alleged that others had been arrested while others were missing over the same.

As the claims were spreading like wild fire to paint the Kiir government as ruthless, The Union of Journalists of South Sudan has come out to clear the air on the reports terming them as fake and intended to misinform the public.

In a brief press release posted on their facebook page, the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) indicates that no journalist has died or missing over the Kiir’s ‘susuling’ video.

“UJOSS, therefore, would like to make it abundantly clear that as per our records, there’s no journalist that has been arrested and no journalist is missing”- reads part of the statement.

President Salva Kiir has led South Sudan since attaining independence in 2011 amidst the tough and rough journey of armed militias, rebel groups and is peached by his Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to be their presidential candidate in the 2024 first ever general elections.

UJOSS Press Release

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