VIDEO: Besigye Arrested Like a Chicken Thief

Police Arresting Besigye

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Kampala: When he announced that his walk to work protests would resume immediately to wake what he referred to as Museveni’s sleeping government over the sky rocketing prices of commodity prices, Besigye was arrested and taken back to his home.

Police and army would later place him under house arrest until last week on Friday when they vacated and he made another attempt to get to the city centre which was also thwarted in Kasangati where he avoided arrest by closing himself inside his car.

So today he made the same attempt but it didn’t go well and police did what they have always done best in arresting, Besigye has been arrested like a chicken chief as he protested being under house arrest.

While addressing the country yesterday, Museveni didn’t give a lasting solution to the sky rocketing prices on commodity prices but he only asked Ugandans to be frugal and use what they have sparingly since his government won’t subsidize or even suspend taxes on certain products claiming it would cripple the economy.

After being arresting the four time presidential candidate, Police detained Besigye in their mobile prison commonly known as ‘buli wendi nkusiba’

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