Uproar As Journalist Njala Is Crucified For Siding With SMACK over Bobi Wine’s Son


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There’s a burning fire which is yet to be extinguished on social media after NBS TV morning breeze show host Simon Kagwa Njala hit back at Bobi Wine for pouring out his dissapointment in St Mary’s College Kisubi which suspended his son over marijuana alegations and failed to provide evidence.

While speaking at a parent’s meeting, Bobi Wine infront of all students and parents crucified the headteacher Bro Deodatti Aliganyira for launching segregation against his son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi, suspending him over trumped up charges and subsequently revealing the same to the media.

A visibly bitter Bobi Wine used the same platform to stretch the headteacher for blocking him from his visiting his son over what he termed would bring “unnecessary attention”. According to Bobi Wine, the headteacher also blocked his son from contesting for an elective post at school on claims that he wasn’t a bright student to stand for leadership and also his popularity would be a disadvantage to his competitors.

However, journalist Kagwanjala who also attended the said parent’s meeting is siding with the school and the headteacher and blaming Bobi Wine for humiliating the headteacher whom he refers to as the school mirror in front of the magnitude of students and parents. According to Njala, Bobi Wine should have found a right place to resolve the issues than taking it to the public meeting at school.

However his comment did not go well with a section of many Ugandans on the blue app who insist Bobi Wine who never commented about his son’s suspension and marijuana allegations used the right platform to hit at the headteacher right in his face since the headteacher also did almost the same to comment on private matters of a student.

The School reported gave away the matter to the Media, Bobi Wine, to his credit, didn’t respond to the media…he waited for a parents meeting IN THE SCHOOL, which is the most appropriate forum, but still Bobi is to blame? Wow!- Lubambula Kizito

You never uttered a word when Bobi Wine and his son were enduring months of false belittling accusations from your beloved bbulaaza, but it’s you are ready to play the moral card now that tables have changed. You fell off so hard- Kato Kiguli

This one has no moral authority to direct who where to go to air anything out…. This story has been in the media and no one is defending the minor Solomon himself, why should we care about the HM and his kids!!!…. Tuli bazaade ate tuli bakoowu!!- Tweetybird

Leero gwe nawe, he spoke before a parents meeting such that incase there are other parents whose children might be facing the same, they can be helped. Nekirala he told you he’s not at OB & ur hear telling him SMACKOBA!- Nsubuga Stephen

Those who refuse to ask WHY lower their standards & are thieves of potential to SEE better It’s a challenge that reveals the shape of our NOT big brain.The sparring partner that hits back “Poor brother” UNDRESSED a kid b4 world & Njala thinks undressing him b4 parents is worse?-Allawi Ssemanda

In your statement here lies the problem. I felt a sword pierce my heart after watching that video. Imagined my own son being subjected to that. Imagine it’s your photocopy daughter being hounded. Am a staunch Catholic, but can’t condone mental torture of a child.-Dr Judith Kabajurizi

My brother Simon, I respect you but what the poor Brother did was very unfortunate, further more like any other parent he did what he had to do for his son whose future the Brother has ruined! Me personally I can’t blame him it’s what I would have done too!-Charles Ssemambo

I have worked on catholic projects run by convents and seen the corruption there. Being catholic doesn’t stop someone from being incompetent and corrupt. The brother allowed the school to be used to play politics, everyone should know about it especially the OBs.-Saveplanet

however, after the backlash, Njala seemed too sorry for his comments and in the end he’s indirectly apologized to whoever his tweet did bad.

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