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Museveni: You Risk Being Arrested If You Say Oulanyah Was Poisoned

Since the day Oulanyah was confirmed dead by president Museveni last sunday, alot has been said and others claiming he was poisoned insisting he didn’t die a natural death as government said.

First to reveal these claims and allegations of possible poisoning was his father who was reported to have said his son didn’t die a natural death and had revealed that to him. The Acholi paramount Chief Rwot David Acana II also tasked government to explain circumstances surrounding Oulanyah’s death contraly to Minister Chris Baryomunsi’s government position that Oulanyah died of Cancer which he had battled for some time even before being elected speaker.

Now the allegations and claims of a possible poisoning of fallen speaker Jacob Oulanyah have been brought to rest after president Museveni ordered that whoever hints on that subject risks being jailed.

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While addressing on the matter, President Museveni said Oulanyah died in a reputable hospital and those claiming he was killed bla bla bla poisoned are just taking advantage of the politics at place and instead the police should arrest them.

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